If It's Electrical, We Do It...

You can trust us to do the job right, on time, and on budget.


Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

High-Bay Shop Lighting, Office Panel Lights, Recessed Lighting, Showcase Lighting, Security Flood & Motion Lights

Backup Power & Surge Suppression

Protect sensitive electronics and equipment from costly damage by installing surge protection on your electrical system.

Energy Efficiency & Power Factor Correction

Whether via efficient lighting, HVAC upgrades, or Power Factor Correction (For Shop/Industrial), see how we can save you money! Government Rebates may apply.

Networking, Security & Automation

Create a connected & responsive work environment through smart switching & devices or programmable thermostats. 

Talk to us about solutions for security & network services.

New Developments or Additions

Renovations in the shop or office? Exterior buildings or portable power needed? Contact us to address your electrical needs.

Equipment Upgrades

Industrial Equipment, Welders, Signage, or Panel Replacement—see how we can help.


HVAC Service & Repair. Offering Furnace/RTU/MUA/Radiant Heater Cleaning, Scheduled Maintenance, and Repairs.


Panel Replacements

Improve home electrical safety & circuit capacity by installing a modern electrical panel with Arc Fault fire protection.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Pendants, Chandeliers, Light Fixtures, Downlights & Pot Lights. 

Upgrade to LED for Health, Power and Aesthetic Benefit.

Networking, Security & Automation

Smart Technology for thermostats, lighting and power usage.

Security inside & outside the home.

Backup Power & Surge Suppression

Keep your home safe and warm with Backup Power. 
Protect your devices & equipment with Surge Protection

New Developments or Additions

Basement Developments? Renovations? New Builds? We have you covered.

Home Electrical Inspection

Have a technician come and inspect your home for electrical faults, wiring type, and for safe installation so you can rest knowing that you and your family are safe.


Furnace Repair & Service, Scheduled Maintenance Available.